Pair-a-dimes 9 – Engaging Learners


Description: This is part of a Skype conversation with Michelle Baldwin, Laurel Beaton and I. Michelle and Laurel discuss their different schools, and despite the contrast in programs, a common theme was making learning more engaging and meaningful for students.


Show Notes: (Listen Now!)

Michelle Baldwin (@michellek107)

My name is Michelle Baldwin, and I am a learner, an educator, a self-proclaimed “techie,” presenter, and an advocate for teaching and learning with students.

I returned to the classroom in 2009, after coordinating technology professional/staff development for eight years in a suburban school district in Omaha, Nebraska. From fall of 2009 through spring of 2011, I taught K-5 Vocal Music in the same school district. In August 2011, I moved to Denver, Colorado and joined the staff of Anastasis Academy.

Laurel Beaton (@laurelbeaton)

Mother, Wife, Traveler, Learner, Teacher, Educational Consultant, Food and Wine Snob and Coordinator of  Partnerships  and Innovation at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre

My goal is simple; providing all students the opportunity to learn.  I am motivated by creating connections through our passions, our purpose, and our potential.

“The best consequence for not doing the work, is doing the work”: DR. Douglas Reeves teaches about best practices in grading and assessment.

• Show music by Bryan Jackson ~ Carrying Stones.

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