Pair-a-Dimes 8 – My EdCampWest Reflections


Description: After a reflection on my own ‘learning out loud’, I look at 4 different ‘take-aways’ from my participation in the EdCampWest conference session at SFU. The four take-aways:
1. Twitter as an amazing educational tool.
2. Learning from K12 and Higher Ed, and the potential to learn from each other.
3. Teachers as ‘Lead Learner’, and the value of failure.
4. Personalization in education, with a look at assessment and the role of the teacher.

Show Notes (Listen Now!)

EdCampWest website:

Story told: Empty Your Cup – Bruce Lee from Joe Hyams’ Zen in the Martial Arts.

#SD36Learn – twitter hash tag, and the #EdCampWest conference hash tag.

Chris Lehmann – “High School is real life”.

Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey

Gord Holden on Immersive Technology 4 Learning

Gary Kern‘s mention of “Good is the enemy of great” comes from: Jim Collins – Good to Great

Chris Kennedy – Culture of Yes – and his (first) TEDx Experience.

• Show music by Bryan Jackson ~ Carrying Stones.

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