Pair-a-Dimes 17 – Barbara Bray

Description: Barbara Bray shares a great life hack, using checklists to feel good as well as get things done. She broke her neck, and it inspired her to change careers and become an educator. (She went from dental flossing to mental flossing.) She also loved to dance and had a secret life as a Go Go dancer when she was a teenager still living at home.

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Show Notes: [Listen Now]

Barbara Bray@bbray27 on Twitter.

EduCon 2.9 – January 27th–29th, 2017 at The Science Leadership Academy, Barbara’s presentation: Making PBL Personal, my presentation: Facilitating Successful Learning Through Failure.

Lone Wolf blog post from the Unplug’d Conference, (shared often by Donna Fry@fryed). Listen to Episode 11 with Donna and friends on the topic of  “Connected Leaders“.

Barbara’s books (with Kathleen McClaskey – Episode 14): Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning.

“Go with your strengths to find your passion so that you can discover your purpose.”


Barbara Bray’s Bio:

Barbara Bray is a writer, speaker, instructional designer and creative learning strategist who enjoys connecting people and ideas around transforming education. She is co-author of Make Learning Personal andHow to Personalize Learning. She has focused on creating learner-centered environments for over 25 years and coined the term “Making Learning Personal” in 2000 because she believed that education really needs to be all about our learners and learning first.

Barbara loves to blog on her website Rethinking Learning ( and hosts the podcast series, Conversations on Learning. She is the founder of (, a coaching platform for teachers because they are learners too and need ongoing support as they change teaching practice. She wrote the professional development column for CUE for 17 years and received the CUE Gold and Platinum disks for her contributions to educational technology for the advancement of teaching and learning.

Barbara is passionate about writing, sharing stories of transforming teaching and learning and facilitating change. She is encouraged when she sees teachers and administrators immersing themselves in challenges that stretch their minds and imagination. She loves combining the neuroscience of learning with the design-thinking process and project-based learning to create learner-centered environments. Barbara helps schools and organizations develop sustainable coaching programs, design professional learning to transform teaching practice and guide the redesign of flexible learning spaces. She enjoys working with leadership teams in guiding change so all stakeholders are committed to a shared vision around teaching and learning.

Barbara and Dave at ISTE 2016


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