Pair-a-Dimes 16 – Grant Frend

Description: Join Grant Frend and I on a drive home from a Flexible Schools Network meeting. This conversation is for anyone interested in models of learning outside of the more traditional block schedule. Hear Grant share why vision, not stuff, gets funded and why he hires Swiss Army Knives and not switch blades… while we discuss flex blocks and ways to design more engaging learning environments in our schools.

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Show Notes: [Listen Now]

Grant Frend – @GrantFrend on Twitter

The Okanagan Desert in BC, Canada

Our schools: Thomas Haney Secondary and Inquiry Hub Secondary

The Flexible Schools Network ‘FLEXBCED

Osoyoos Secondary School – See their schedule here (.docx).

AL Fortune Secondary, Principal Gene Doray – @innovationsnail on Twitter.

“Vision gets funded, not stuff, (unless vision is attached to the stuff).” Grant Frend

Book mentioned by Grant: 3 Box Solution by Vijay Govindarajan

“Honour the past. Manage the present. Create the future.”  (But the past always fights back!)

Death of an Awards Ceremony by Chris Wejr – @chriswejr on Twitter 

First Crop of Inquiry Hub students set to graduate (TriCity News)  – Graduating student Aaron: “Through these projects I have improved my abilities to teach myself new things, find resources, manage my time, and persevere through failure. If you cannot fail, you cannot learn.”

Blog post with the image below: “Learning and Failure” 

Acronym: Failure Always Invites Learning (the invitation is always there!). Note what makes failure unproductive, discussed in the podcast. 

BC new curriculum and core competencies.

“We need teachers that are Swiss Army Knives, not switch blades.” Grant Friend

Creating the time and space for self-directed, personalized, inquiry learning – (Flexible models including Flex Block)

Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad (YELL) 

(Click image to see in full size or go to the YELL website above.)


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