Pair-a-Dimes 12 – Learning and Patience

Description: This is a podcast in two parts, both with a focus on China. In part one, I interview a middle school teacher, Jaime Elson, while on a bus going from Hangzhou to Shanghai. We discuss observations about how patience is valued and not valued in different cultures. In part two of the podcast I read “Slowly by Slowly”, a blog post written while I was living in Dalian China.

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Show Notes: [Listen Now]

The blog post, Slowly by Slowly,  is worth going to visit, because the comments on the blog post are rich and insightful, (thanks to my wonderful PLN).

Another interesting post that I wrote while living in China was “Bubble Wrap“:

“…I think schools have become a bit too bubble wrapped too. We protect the kids from impending harm, bubble wrapping their learning. However I think sometimes we harm them in our attempt to keep them safe.”

Next week’s guest on Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes:  Shelly Sanchez Terrell (@ShellTerrell)


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