Pair-a-Dimes 5 – Roy Henry Vickers Part 1 – Four Directions of the Sweat Lodge


Description: Artist, Elder, Teacher, Healer, Visionary and Leader, Roy Henry Vickers sits down with me in his beautiful home and shares the Four Directions of the Sweat Lodge. The influence of teachers in his life is a key theme in this talk. Each of these directions are present in those that influence our lives in meaningful ways and they are within us… We can learn a lot by identifying with each direction. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series with Roy.


Show Notes (Listen Now!)

Roy Henry Vickers – Artist BiographyLinkedIn, @RHVickers

The four directions of the sweat lodge:

East – The way of the Teacher. (A child open to learning.)

South – The way of the Healer. (Mother Earth, “The woman who I am”, femininity.)

West – The way of the Visionary. (Voice of Man – Where and how you should be.)

North – The way of the Leader. (The elder, the warrior – Strength, Truth & Beauty.)

"Roy Henry Vickers - Photo by David Truss"
Roy Henry Vickers

• Show music by Bryan Jackson ~ Carrying Stones.

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