Pair-a-Dimes 7 – Roy Henry Vickers Part 3 – Spiritual Rudder and Storytelling



Description: Roy shares how being spiritually fulfilled can fill the void that transforms abstinence to sobriety. Having a spiritual rudder permits you to accept yourself, and allows you to live with integrity. Then we move on to storytelling and Roy shares stories from Chief Dan George and his 2 and a half year old son. We finish by talking about teaching with spirit and emotion.


Show Notes (Listen Now!)

Roy Henry Vickers (Tlakwagila Copperman) – Artist BiographyLinkedIn, @RHVickers

Avatar, the movie.

Chief Dan George.

Andrea Vickers, (helps Roy share Wakas’ story).

The 7 Emotions (Shared in Part 2). Also see the Four Directions of the Sweat Lodge (Part 1).

The Raven Brings The Light (Book), The Making of a Roy Henry Vickers Print (Trailer)

"Meet and hear Roy in Vancouver on April 6th, 2013."
If you are in the Vancouver area, this is a great opportunity to meet Roy!

• Show music by Bryan Jackson ~ Carrying Stones.

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